Uncharted Movie Casts Tom Holland As Young Nathan Drake

Still no Nathan Fillion in sight.

Uncharted Tom Holland
Naughty Dog/Sony

After what feels like an eternity, Sony are still trying to get an Uncharted movie off the ground. This time they're ditching the idea of a more mature, otherwise standard-looking Nathan Drake and opting to spin-off from the flashback sequence in Uncharted 3, where we got to see what Nate was like at a far younger age.

To do so, they've cast Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland, who despite certainly being an increasingly recognisable face, is still a very left-field pick for a movie production that sounds increasingly hard to bring together. That said, with a new casting comes a new vision, and Stranger Things' Executive Producer Shawn Levy is now in the director's seat. Little more is known in regards to how supernatural the plot will be, whether we'll see anything of the just-make-it-happen-already casting of Nathan Fillion as older Drake, or even the notion of Nathan Drake's real name, but hopefully this time, Sony stick with the project to the end.

With Kong: Skull Island's Jordan Vogt-Roberts also signing on to bring Metal Gear Solid to the big screen after itself having over a decade of back n' forth with the studios, could this finally be the beginning of a one-two cinematic punch that proves a good video game movie can exist?

Spoilers: Almost definitely not.


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