In an unusual way to break a video game news story, a clip on an Israeli news show “The Headlines” had a momentary glimpse of a Dead Space 3 banner and possible concept art looks like. The Israeli news staff was actually on a tour of EA’s Redwood Shores office when some footage rolled that showed a possible Dead Space 3 logo.

At this point I am assuming that Dead Space 3 would be in production just because it’s EA and they like money, and the last release was reviewed very well and had strong sales. There is no reason that Dead Space 3 wouldn’t be in production at this stage, this film roll just gives more evidence that they are already working on it. However, this is just a rumour (a pretty strong one considering there is video evidence) and EA had no announcement at this time:

“We don’t have any news about the Dead Space franchise at this time.”

Here is the video clip:

What do you think, is this video proof that Dead Space 3 is in production, or is this just a purposeful plant of false information or a fake image?

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This article was first posted on September 21, 2011