Watch Dogs vs. Assassin’s Creed 4: Which Game Will Win?

This article may seem out of place considering the juggernaut that is GTA V being in most players’ collections as…



Watch Dogs Creed

This article may seem out of place considering the juggernaut that is GTA V being in most players’ collections as I type this article, but believe it or not, there are games that deserve your attention. I know that statement may be invalid for at least two months, but the truth is the truth.

So, to add some variety to the site – and my articles – I am presenting you, the reader, with a question. If you had to choose between Watch_Dogs and AC4, which one would you choose? The once-called “GTA V killer” or the new pirate game?

The new IP from Ubisoft or the installment of one of Ubisoft’s most cherished franchises? I am here to assist with your answer, so don’t rush to the comments yet. First, let’s analyze Watch_Dogs.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Pros: We don’t know much about the game because it is yet to be released and is a new IP, but that alone is a reason to consider picking this game up over AC4. Change is good and maybe it’s time to drop the hood and pull up the face mask.

Seeing a modern – futuristic, technically – version of Chicago may be a refreshing sight from the old architecture the Creed has to offer. Not to mention that the premise is much more relatable, adding a layer of immersion.

You will find someone with a cellphone way before you find a person with a hidden blade. It is hidden, after all. Since not much is known about the game, who knows what kind of side missions will be available and the true extent of the power we hold?

Of course, the game will look gorgeous on every console and it may, may be an actual contender for the GTA series. On top of that, the multiplayer will add some spice when you’re free roaming.

Cons: Again, not much is known about the game, but there are definitely worries to be had. First off, what can we do that is actually worth doing? So far, we only seen Aiden hack a compound, stop a few muggings and with the multiplayer chase off hackers. Yeah, not exactly the most exciting concept.

Now, the developers talked about other things to do in the world, like hacking people’s bank accounts, which raises the question – what is the point? This isn’t GTA V and Aiden isn’t a bad guy; he’s a vigilante. I am not saying morality shouldn’t be a factor, but it shouldn’t be a selling point either.


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