Watch YouTube Gamer Ali A Teach Celebrity Mums To Play Fortnite

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You should never underestimate the difficulty of being a gamer's mother. You put all of your love into raising your beloved children only for them to quickly realise you're not as entertaining as Fortnite or PUBG and disappear into their online gaming world. It's a cruel world.

So any help the family can get to enjoy online gaming as a group has got to be encouraged, particularly when the games are that much fun. And thanks to Vodafone, and YouTube gamer and CBBC star Ali A, there's now some help to make that happen.

The #FamilySquad online gaming expert took TV presenter Tess Daly and comedian and actress Sally Phillips through their first experience of Fortnite to give them a fast-track coaching session in how to play as well as offering advice on staying safe online and the importance of a home broadband with a guaranteed minimum speed.

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Here's the bootcamp video...

And to help all the non-celebrity mums get closer to their own gaming kids, Ali A offered his top 5 family gaming tips...

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