“There’s trouble on the street and your weapon’s the beat.”

505 Games announced today that UK developers Echo Peak will be launching their gaming debut with Way of the Dogg. What’s exciting about this is that it’ll also be Snoop Dogg (Lion?) who will feature as the games protagonist.

Way of the Dogg, is a rhythm-action combat game where you must match the beats to the music of Snoop Dogg, doing so lays the beat down on your opponents. Each level is built around one of Dogg’s track and a new enemy who stands in your way, apparently created with old school kung-fu and black-exploitation films in mind. Snoop Dogg and Echo Peak meet Black Dynamite?

According to Snoop, “Way of the Dogg, will be the first true gamification of my music.” Dogg added, “It’s the way you live, it’s the way you do what you do and captures the beat, the rhythm and the spirit of my music. It’s not just about who you are or where you’ve been but where you are headed to.”

“This game shows how we evolve as individuals and they’ve incorporated the journey of my own personal reincarnation as Snoop Lion into my character, the environments and the path that players have to follow.”

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has made a virtual appearance though, featuring in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stage and previously in the now axed game Fear & Respect.

Way of the Dogg will be available later this year, available on XBox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, iOS and Andriod.



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This article was first posted on March 5, 2013