What’s Wrong With Battlefield 4?

Despite BF3’s acclaim, the announcement of Battlefield 4 is going down like a lead balloon.

Ryan Musker


EA recently officially announced Battlefield 4 recently, the follow up to 2011’s mega-hit Battlefield 3. However, despite BF3’s acclaim, BF4 is not getting a good wrap. Not at all. Common fan complaints are that DICE skipped Bad Company 3 and BF2143 to make a new core game. Another favourite is that the game is coming too soon.

What people have failed to realise, however, is that Battlefield 4 is not coming out tomorrow. Or the next week. Or next month. Battlefield 4’s Beta is due during the Fall 2013 period. Fall being September-October. The same time period as the Battlefield 3 beta. Battlefield 3 launched in October 2011, so we can assume that BF4 will launch in October 2013, as it follows EA’s latest pattern.

Fans are also disappointed at the fact that the new Battlefield is indeed Battlefield 4, not BC3 or BF2143. For starters, how do we know? BF4 would be in an early stage of development, and Battlefield 4 could be a working title. There is no word on what BF4 actually is yet. Battlefield 4 could be a working title or temporary way to stop people from learning about the game.

The other major complaint is that Battlefield: Premium has just launched. Battlefield Premium is a one time fee, a discount which gives almost half price to all the content of the game? EA advertised exactly what you would get, and the numbers seem to call it a success. The content was clearly outline at launch, and Battlefield 4 coming will not remove the content we bought. Additionally, BF4 is expected to launch at minimum during October 2013, and the last BF3 content pack comes out in March, a full 7 months beforehand. People will be sick of BF3 and focused on BF4 long after March. Premium is still excellent value for money.

With the October 2013 prediction, this means two years between BF3 and BF4, with no other Battlefield in between. There was only 18 months between BFBC2 and BF3, and only 1 year between BC2 and 1943. And only one year between 1943 and the first Bad Company. So why are people suddenly complaining about a double length development cycle and calling it rushed? To put things in perspective, there was little over two years between each Mass Effect game and each maintains some of the highest standards in the industry. There was six months between GTA 4’s DLC’s and somehow they turned out fine. There was 2 years between Batman: Arkham games and they both won Game of the Year awards. Two years is plenty of time for developers to build brilliant games. The engine is among the most modern out there, so no work needs to be done there. Feedback between DICE and players has been constant since launch, and no doubt this feedback is being put in BF4 right now.

There is no doubt Battlefield 4 will be of a high quality and sell millions of copies. No doubt fans will be happy. So why are people complaining? Check your facts: Battlefield 4 is not coming out this year. EA have “Call of Duty’d” the franchise. This game has a longer development cycle then fan favourite Bad Company 2. So just wait and see what the new game brings and don’t focus on it too much now.