Why Marvel's New Game Probably Isn't What You Want

Second Dinner are working on a Marvel game, but don't expect it to be the next Spider-Man...

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Insomniac may have finally wrapped up Spider-Man with the last instalment of the City That Never Sleeps, but don't expect 2019 to be a Marvel-less year. Crystal Dynamics are still working on the Avengers Project (which we still know relatively little about), and in the wake of the announcement that Platinum are working on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, Marvel have now also revealed that Second Dinner - a studio comprised of ex-Blizzard developers - are working on a game based on the House of Ideas' characters too.

As with most Marvel projects currently in-development details are being kept under wraps, but there are a few signs that potentially clues us in on what kind of game this will be. Members of the studio had previously worked on the ludicrously successful Hearthstone, a PC/Mobile trading-card game set within the World of Warcraft universe, and it's easy to see how a similar premise could work wonders for Marvel.

Taking into account their previous experience, as well as the fact the studio isn't huge, estimations that they're working on a triple-A title along the lines of Spider-Man are likely to be wide of the mark. Given that they've also just received a $30 million investment from NetEase, all signs point towards a game being made either for the PC or mobile markets - not a superhero blockbuster made from Insomniac's stylings.

That doesn't mean there isn't cause for excitement though. Hearthstone was a huge success for Blizzard and Second Dinner are assembling a really talented team of developers. Entering the Marvel Universe could just give them the perfect start.

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