Not long now! WWE 13 is released at the beginning of next month in the UK (the end of this month in North America) and by most accounts it marks the beginning of a new direction for THQ’s seminal pro-wrestling franchise. With its brand new Attitude Era story mode, this new game promises to bodyslam us back through time, to relive and re-experience the golden age of the WWE.

A while back THQ released their final and fully confirmed roster, which actually contains most of the most important superstars of the Attitude Era: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, ‘Taker. All the greats are there (or at least very nearly all the greats). However, with that being said, the Attitude Era wasn’t just about the main event.

The thing that made the era so incredible was that everything was great; the main event; the mid card; hell back then even the Divas were tearing it up. So when taking a look through the final WWE 13 roster, I couldn’t help but feel several twinges of disappointment when I registered who was there vs. who was missing.

WWE boast so many fans. Practically an innumerable number of fans in fact. No matter how big WWE 13’s roster was, someone was always going to feel left out. So, without more introduction, let’s have a look at who’s missing and why.

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This article was first posted on October 16, 2012