WWE 13: 10 DLCs We Want to See

We’ve compiled out fantasy list of the top 10 DLC packs we’d just love to see post-release. And that’s the bottom line…

Stuart W. Bedford


With the resounding success that was last year’s completely revamped offering from THQ, WWE 12, it comes as no surprise that we’re practically quaking in our boots with anticipation for their upcoming WWE 13.

Indeed the series is now being dubbed as the ‘FIFA’ of the professional wrestling world and WWE 13 stands as one of the most hyped games in its long and illustrious evolution. Heavily centred around the Attitude era, the greatest time to be a fan, WWE 13 promises to reunite us with some of our favourite superstars of the last twenty years.

In November this year, THQ will give us the opportunity for the first time to combine two very different eras, the Attitude age and the Modern age, into one dimension defying super-era in which all of our favourite superstars co-exist at once.

It’s exciting no doubt and with the promise of a more detailed Predator engine, it looks as though WWE 13 will be even more of a revolution than 12 turned out to be, which is no mean feat considering the level of effort that went into last year’s critically acclaimed offering.

Details are coming thick and fast about what’s on offer in the main game, but as always with any high profile release like this comes the question ‘how are you going to keep me playing after I’m done?’ And in this modern era of gaming, DLC is without a doubt the answer.

So we let our imagination run wild, and compiled our fantasy list of the top 10 DLC packs which we’d love to see post-release. And that’s the bottom line…