WWE ’13: 10 Things THQ Needs To Fix

If you haven’t yet read our review of WWE ’13 (which is released today), it appears to be another home-run…

Shaun Munro


If you haven’t yet read our review of WWE ’13 (which is released today), it appears to be another home-run for THQ, delivering a thrilling wrestling sim that, unsurprisngly, is still riddled with some problems that prevent it from being a true classic. The frustrating thing is that so many of these elements are issues that players have been harping on about for years, and in some cases, over a decade. With news that development has already begun on WWE ’14, hopefully THQ will take on board fan response to the issues that have been plaguing the series, but we won’t hold our breath…



10. Collision Detection

This is a pretty inexcusable error given that it has been a problem in every single THQ wrestling game, and continues to persist today. How frustrating is it when the game doesn’t detect two wrestlers contacting? What if you climb the top rope and dive upon an opponent who is already locked in an animation? Your character will usually just slide off of that wrestler and come tumbling to the floor, when of course, it should break the hold. Though THQ have sought to remedy this in recent years by introducing a more complex array of animations, it’s still one of the most broken, frustrating elements of the series, taking us out of the action, and simply annoying the Hell out of us too.

Plenty of other combat sims – such as the UFC games – don’t suffer these problems, and though WWE obviously has a more dynamic number of elements – especially when you include the issues of collision with ladders and other weapons – it really should be something that THQ have mastered by now.