WWE 13 Hands On Review: 10 Reasons Why It's Awesome

7. Special Guest Referee Mode

Part and parcel of the Attitude era, and indeed the Modern era of WWE is the Special Guest Referee match; a fan favourite of the series which hasn€™t been present in the THQ WWE franchise for 6 years now. Superb for multiplayer, Special Guest Ref mode can lead to some genuinely hilarious moments amongst friends but with the inclusion of the new Attitude era story mode, this will also undoubtedly factor in to the narrative somewhere. After all, it wouldn€™t be the Attitude era without the chance to relive The Rock€™s famed 60 Minute Ironman match against HHH, maybe even as Special Guest Ref. Shawn Michaels. It might seem like a relatively small deal, but by reintroducing old favourites like this match mode, Yuke€™s are proving that they€™re really listening to their audience and trying their very damndest to bring us a WWE game we€™ll still be playing years down the line.
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