The developers for the long-running WWE series, THQ, are filing for bankruptcy, but have no fears – they are still going to press ahead with a WWE 14, the sequel to last year’s Attitude Era centric WWE 13. Fortunately, their project development budget does have sufficient money allocated for development and release of the game, meaning they will be putting out at least one more brawling title for us to look forward too.

Since the seminal title in the franchise, 2000′s WWF Smackdown, we have seen 13 follow ups including Shut Your Mouth! and Here Comes The Pain before the franchise later branched out into the “Vs” series and eventually landed on the “WWE” saga.

Last year we had the return of the Attitude Era which replaced the long-standing “Road To Wrestlemania” game mode of old. Veterans like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mike Foley (and his various personas), The Rock, The Undertaker and Kane were prominent, as was Attitude Era matches like the famed Hardcore division and the Hell In A Cell.

With WWE 14 set to be released late this year, we figured we’d take the time to conjure up a list of the ten things we’d like to see most from THQ with their latest grappling game.

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This article was first posted on January 18, 2013