WWE 2K Franchise Set For Overhaul

2K are "stepping up investment" in their wrestling series...

WWE 2K19

GamesIndustry.biz are reporting that 2K Games plan to "expand and grow their portfolio", and this means the developer's WWE series will become an even bigger priority than before.

That's great news for anybody who believes the WWE 2K franchise has become little more than a hollow annual update, one devoid of any significant change that relies on a tired gameplay engine.

2K Games President David Ismailer specifically name checked the WWE IP as one 2K are keen to take to a higher level, and he said that 2K were "stepping up investment" in the series overall. That, theoretically, means the company are ready to stop rehashing that aforementioned engine, come up with something new and give pro wrestling games a fresh feel for the first time in almost two decades.

The fact WWE 2K18 had similar, creaking graphical elements and animations to the very first SmackDown title (released way back in 2000) is not good, and it's expected that 2K19 will follow suit.

If Ismailer's words ring true, then we could be getting a very different WWE game come next year's 2K20. Anyone who has followed the series since its infancy will agree that it's about time.

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