WWE 2K14: 10 Dream Matches You Must Play Immediately

WWE 2K14 is available to buy in Europe this Friday, with a North American release beating it to the shelves…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Hulk Cena

WWE 2K14 is available to buy in Europe this Friday, with a North American release beating it to the shelves by two days and landing tomorrow, and fans can now get legitimately excited about what is a very good game.

It might not be particularly ground-breaking, or surprising, but WWE 2K14 flourishes under the new guiding influence of 2K Sports, who have built on the story-telling success of last year’s Attitude Era portion to bring the exceptional 30 Years Of Wrestlemania to the table, uniting nostalgia fans with modernists for a rip-roaring spectacle of gameplay and good-looks.

The AI might be as damaged as ever, and the commentary still a little uninspiring, but the overall feel of the product is glossy and crucially, it is a great playing experience, which should naturally be top of the bill for fans.

With the game set to land soon, we’ve looked at the roster (not including the DLC packs that have now been announced) to find the dream match-ups and fantasy bouts that all players should be looking forward to booting up as soon as they get into the game.

These are the big draws and the great moments that history conspired to make impossible – until now – and you need to fight them as soon as you possibly can.

Honourable Mention

Bruno Sammartino vs. John Cena

Bruno Sammartino

What better a question to explore in WWE 2K14 than that of the greatest WWE Superstar of all time? Cena vs Hogan is definitely one of the fan favourite fantasy match-ups for that very reason, but the DLC announcement that added Bruno Sammartino to the roster added the opportunity to face off the longest reigning champions of the classic and modern eras.

Sammartino wins the accolade of the longest title reign still (of 2803 days) and Cena is the longest modern champ (of 1297 days) and the bout would be a genuine clash of the titans. You can’t play it yet – as Sammartino won’t be added to the game until January 2014 – but when that dates does come, a match between the two superstars should be immediately top of your play list.

Who Should Win? Sammartino