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In my last article, I detailed six adjustments 2K must make for WWE 14. However, those six adjustments were more along the lines of “maintenance” or “fine-tuning”, as opposed to fresh or new game mechanics.

When I first found out that 2K was going to be working with the WWE franchise, I was ecstatic. I believe that 2K can add in so many fresh, new features into the WWE series,  just from looking at their sports games.

The NBA 2K series is the most realistic video game basketball experience I have ever played. The presentation and gameplay in that game is simply awesome. Presentation has commentary flowing nicely and excellent graphic overlays. Gameplay is very fluid and believable; It looks like something you will see while watching a game on TV.

Even the MLB 2K series does at least the presentation right. It is a fairly overlooked game however, since it’s gameplay doesn’t come close to MLB The Show’s in my opinion.

Thus, to really propel this series to new heights, I came up with a few realistic ideas that 2K can implement in their first ever WWE title, along with some ideas to expand on in the future, to make WWE Games have that “WOW” factor again.

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This article was first posted on May 13, 2013