WWE 2K15: 5 Things That Would Make It A Must-Buy

One mode they should definitely feature is taken from EA Sports…

Aaron Hyden



On October 28th (in North America) and October 31st (internationally), 2K Sports will unleash WWE 2K15 on the world, releasing the game on PS4, XBox One, PS3, and XBox 360. As of the time of this article’s creation, we’re three months away from those release dates, but already, everyone is beginning to speculate.

People want to know what the game will have, what bonus features there will be, what special “modes” there will be, what roster decisions will be made, and so forth. There are plenty of rumors and unconfirmed news reports on the internet already, but this is going to look at five things that would truly make the game a “must-buy”, in an era where video games that have annual editions rarely reach that status, as studios lazily put games together in a quick cash grab.

Some of these things will be easy to put in the game, and others will be a lot more difficult, but they can all be done and done right. If even some of these things are going to be in the game, 2K Sports can expect many a wrestling fan to be at their favorite video game dealer at their earliest convenience to spend their hard-earned money on this year’s big wrestling game.