WWE 2K17: 12 Awesome New Things You Can Do

Thousands of new things to try...

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WWE and 2K Sports' relationship has gone from strength-to-strength once again. The upward curve for the partnership's current gen games has continued with 2K17's release, which is certainly exciting for the future. If you thought the new game was brilliant imagine what we'll be getting by the time 2K20 comes around...

You don't need me to tell you that 2K14, the last WWE game we got before current gen consoles were released, was a brilliant blend of great in-ring action and a seriously deep roster which made the abomination that was 2K15, the first current gen game, all the more difficult to take. Since then however, the only way for WWE and 2K has been up as 2K16 trumped '15, and latterly, 2K17 has continued that upward curve.

The reason behind most people's upset towards the early current gen games was due to the fact that a lot of beloved features from games gone by were nowhere to be seen with no noticeable replacement taking their place. However, now that we have a lot of what made older wrestling games great has been reintegrated back into the fold, the development teams have focussed their attentions on adding innovative content we've never seen before.

And with that, here are the thousands of awesome new things you can do in WWE 2K17 organised into 12 different categories...

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