WWE 2K17: Predicting All 120 Superstars Who Will Be Included

There's a lot of spaces to fill...

It's hard to pinpoint what the standout feature of WWE 2K16 is, but there's a good chance that it's the game's bumper roster.

My word how spectacular it is.

When news broke about 2K16 housing the biggest roster ever in the months before the game's release, we weren't quite sure what to expect. I'm sure you'll agree that we got far more than we ever could have hoped for.

Although, there was one major issue with the roster and that was the exclusion of the Four Horsewomen. WWE's gaming universe was left with a bitter taste in their mouths after Samoa Joe - a man who debuted in NXT last May - somehow made his way into a DLC, even though Sasha, Becky, Bayley and Charlotte had made their mark on the company a long time before.

Nevertheless, the biggest roster ever seen in a WWE game went some way to righting the wrongs we all suffered through with 2K15.

At this stage, with the featured game mode still a secret that WWE and 2K won't release until the summer time, it's almost impossible to predict who will be in the new game. The likes of Savio Vega and Nation of Domination made the cut in last year's game due to their involvement in the featured Stone Cold Steve Austin mode. However, there is a roster to be built that would satisfy all of our needs without knowing who the centrepiece of the game is going to be.

Here are all 120 Superstars that should be included in WWE 2K17... The following list does not include managers and other Superstars like Michael Cole and Renee Young who you can't play as. It also does not include many variations of different Superstars, so the option to have another gimmick or version of a certain Superstar is still there.

120. Adam Rose

A lot has changed over the last 12 months for the former Exotic Express driver, if you will. He's gone from a gimmick that nobody got on board with to a Social Outcasts member that appears on television every single week.

He's more relevant than he's ever been as a member of the main roster.

119. AJ Styles

Arguably the most anticipated inclusion ahead of WWE 2K17's release - just look at the sheer amount of AJ renders in Community Creations if you don't believe me. Who knows where The Phenomenal One will be on WWE's card by the time the game comes out in the autumn. I hope he's coming off the back of an Intercontinental Championship rivalry with Kevin Owens. That would be nice.

118. Alberto Del Rio

The League of Nations member is at a pivotal stage in his second WWE run. After failing to capture the WWE Universe's imagination with his return - despite a monumental win over John Cena in his re-debut - Del Rio is either going to sink or swim as part of the League of Nations. It's clear that WWE are hot on the foursome, but the fans, not so much.

Nevertheless, he's still one of the biggest names in the company and a certainty for the new game.

117. Alicia Fox

Clinging onto the coattails of Team Bella and a mainstay on Total Divas, while proving she can actually wrestling on a couple of surprising outings on RAW.

The 10 year veteran is here to stay and will be one of the first names included on 2K17's Divas roster. She was on 2K16 after all...

116. Becky Lynch

Let's banish the disappointment that came with 2K16 over looking the Four Horsewomen.

A main event player on the Divas scene around Mania season guarantees that we'll be seeing Becky Lynch on WWE 2K17. The Irish Lass Kicker has made a seamless transition to the main roster, and is one of the most popular females in the company at the moment. Expect her to be one of the most anticipated new renders alongside the likes of AJ Styles.

115. Big E

It's going to be interesting to see just how well the motion capture work for 2K17 recreates Big Wool's snake hips - all they had to deal with last year was rhythmic skipping and and few claps.

Don't let us down, little mo cap ball suit thingy...

114. Big Show

The giant confirmed that he'll be sticking around for around two more years on his recent Stone Cold Podcast appearance, so expect 2K17 to be his penultimate game as a member of WWE's main roster.

Will he be a face or heel by the time the game comes out? There will have been around 15 changes by then so who knows?

113. Bo Dallas

His main roster run started so well with his 17 - Bo undefeated streak, but since that horrible defeat to R Truth of all people, Bo's career threatened to fall into a bottomless pit.

He's regained some relevancy as a member of the Social Outcasts so expect him to be in the new game. The foursome are getting plenty of television time after all.

112. Braun Strowman

2016 going into 2017 should be a huge time for the Wyatt Family, as they should continue the new push they've started to receive in recent times with a fully fit Bray leading them from the front.

Given how WWE are pushing the Black Sheep, there's a good chance he'll be rated at least 99/100.

111. Bray Wyatt

The best character model and entrance on the game? Bray's very well may be.

Let's hope the developers at 2K keep their levels as high as they have been for the last two games when it comes to WWE's resident Buzzard.

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