WWE 2K18: 10 Biggest Roster Omissions

1. The Hardy Boyz


Just how quickly were Matt and Jeff signed to WWE deals? Given the return they had at WrestleMania XXXIII and the run they've gone on to have since then it seemed The Hardy Boyz were not only a shoe-in for 2K18, but arguably the most anticipated playable characters in the game. However, we can only presume they weren't around when the scanning room was set up during Mania season and they missed the boat.

Of course, Mania week was a frantic one for Broken M and Brother N as they took part in that WONDERFUL Ladder Match against the Young Bucks 24 hours before their big WWE return. The rest of that week will have been littered with Independent bookings which presumably meant they didn't have time to get the scannings done.

WWE and 2K aren't stupid. They know The Hardys are money, so expect to see the pair in a DLC pack coming your way soon!

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