WWE 2K18: 10 Desired Wrestlers Who Won't Be In The Game

It doesn't matter what you want!


Let's talk numbers, shall we? The basic roster for WWE 2K17 before any of the DLCs came into play had 136 unique playable characters to choose from - a record. This number grew to 149 playable characters on the basic disk once the 13 alternate versions of certain superstars were accounted for; once again, a record. There were 156 unique playable characters if you purchased all of the DLC packs which was, of course, another record.

This became 172 playable characters with the alternative versions of Superstars included, before finally, the women's evolution went virtual as the 25 playable women characters gave WWE 2K17 yet another landmark number for this year's game to break.

With 2K17's roster breaking all kinds of records it seems unfathomable that any in-demand Superstars won't make the cut for this year's game. However, year-on-year we're always left scratching our heads wondering why a certain name was left out. The reasons behind certain exclusions is never clear but that never stops the internet speculating till they're blue in the face.

Predicting the roster for a WWE game is always an impossible task but that hasn't stopped us. Who might not be part of the WWE 2K18 roster once we've all thrown the disk into our respective consoles?

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