WWE 2K18: 10 More WWE CAWs You Must Download

9. Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy WWE 2K18
2K Games

Creator: thebaroness89

Downloads: 2,915

There was a time when it seemed certain that Mr. Kennedy would become WWE Champ. He was good in the ring, fantastic on the mic and had managed to forge a connection with fans. In other words, Kennedy (...Kennedy) was over as hell and should have become more in the company.

Just like Austin Aries, downloading thebaroness89's CAW allows you to put things right and change history. This is a chance to step back into that trusty time machine and shoot off to the glory days of 2006 when Kennedy was on the rise.

OK, so the only thing rising here seems to be his weight, but you can sort that with a quick tweak here and there. Though we don't recall Mr. Kennedy ever having that kind of beef around the mid-rift, this is still the best Kennedy CAW out there.

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