WWE 2K18: 10 Most Over-Rated Main Roster Members

10. Curtis Axel (78)

miztourage roman reigns

We can't proceed without ragging on poor Curtis Axel a little bit. This year, The Miztourage member has an overall rating of 78. For avoidance of any doubt, that's 78 out of 100, meaning 2K believe Axel is only 22 points away from perfect (no pun intended, honest).

Mr. Perfect's boy is towards the lower end of the ratings scale, but that's still absurdly high for someone who is for all intents and purposes a jobber. Also, what makes Axel 3 full points better than Bo Dallas? His tag-team partner was only given a 75 rating. Shouldn't they have been the same, as they pretty much are on TV when backing up The Miz and taking a kicking?

To put Axel's rating into perspective, he's 4 better than Enzo Amore (74) in WWE 2K18 and only 2 fewer than Jason Jordan (80). That's a little weird considering WWE are currently trying to pass off Jordan as one of the next big things in wrestling.


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