WWE 2K18: 10 Things That Must Be Included

Where 2K Sports should focus their efforts...


Fans of WWE's 2K series have had their latest fix of WWE in digital, playable form for just over five months, and what they've got now is likely the final product. Like it or not, 2K Sports is looking towards the next installment, and we should probably too.

Since 2K17 was released on 11 October 2016, it has seen numerous DLC packs made available accompanied by a few patches and updates meant to improve bugs and other known issues. Now that all the planned downloadable content has been released though, future updates to 2K17 are unlikely.

Considering the number of flaws that still exist in the game half-a-year after being released, WWE 2K17 was a great disappointment to many fans. Sure, it provided some fans with hours of enjoyable content, but it fell short of expectations. 2K18 hopes to remedy that.

But what about the next WWE video game should fans be hoping for? What specific areas should 2K Sports focus their efforts and look to improve upon? How can WWE's developer ensure that this year's product gets a better reception than last year's?


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