WWE 2K18: 12 Things We Can't Wait To Do

Demon Finn vs. Normal Finn: check.

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WWE 2K18 has officially hit the shelves, and the scores are slowly coming in.

So far, they don't exactly blow you away. Critics have largely described an excellent-looking game packed with a star-studded roster but disappointingly bereft of new ideas. The career mode, they say, is every bit as phoned-in as it has been over the last five years, while game-play - without remarkable dexterity (and a lot of patience) - is still positively rage-inducing.

That's the bad news, but with a captive audience of die-hard wrestling fans without an alternative, the good news - for WWE, anyway - is that a lot of us are still heading out to the stores in our droves to pick up our own copy (you know, just to see for ourselves if it really is as unremarkable as the gaming experts say).

Those who buy 2K every year will probably have their own checklist of things they simply have to do right away - like, for example, trying out various combinations of matches involving Roman Reigns to find the best way of bringing down Vince's 95-rated franchise player.

Here are a few more things to tick off...

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