WWE 2K18: 20 CAWs You Must Download Immediately

God bless you, community creators...

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Community Creations is the single best thing to happen to 2K's WWE series ever. There, we said it, and we stand by that statement, because it enables gamers to play as almost any notable wrestler in the world even if they aren't in WWE. Bless those creators for taking the time.

WWE 2K18 has only been out for a week or so, and already creators have been setting high standards with their work. Whilst not every single one is totally spot on (for every picture-perfect CM Punk, there are dozens that look nothing like him), some of the uploads already available are amazing. Trust us, you need these on your hard drive.

There's a mix of old and new too; relics from the Attitude Era mix with current favourites from the Undisputed Era. See what we did there? So, whether you fancy going back in time, find yourself lamenting the lack of some fresh faces on-disc or just can't wait for that DLC to be released, the trusty 2K18 community has you covered already...

20. James Ellsworth (ROOPH1E)

WWE 2K18 James Ellsworth
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The hardest aspect of creating James Ellsworth must be getting his chin (or lack of it) just right. PSN user ROOPH1E managed it just fine in 2K18, and they even got his Vanilla Ice wardrobe right too. This is the Ellsworth model you need, not others that make him look more handsome devil than awkward goof.

In his current guise, Ellsworth is more likely to be used as a manager for Carmella than a wrestler in his own right. That's fine though, because that's how WWE are using him in real life anyway. Getting 'Jimmy' to trip a leg or distract the ref so Miss. Money In The Bank can pick up an easy win is the way it should be.

Oh, and we love that flowing shirt. Great work.

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