WWE 2K18: 7 Biggest Disappointments

Can we just play as real WWE stars in Story Mode, please?

Seth Rollins Wwe 2k18

2K desperately needed WWE 2K18 to be a raging success that carried the series forward. The developers can boast all the gameplay tweaks or customisation options they want (and those are plentiful), but long-time fans want to see something fresh and inventive. For years, WWE video games have coasted on the same game engine without genuine change.

So it's disappointing to learn that 2K18 still suffers from familiar, age-old problems that have held the series back for well over a decade. Even some of the newer features feel like they need some work if WWE games are ever going to sparkle again. Remember how you felt when playing SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth for the first time? Fans deserve to feel that way again.

2K18 doesn't have that immediate freshness. This is 2017 and the games are still plagued by many of the same problems visible on PS2 releases. Nobody wants to believe the developers are just churning out their annual slice of digital wrestling goodness and going through the motions, but that's sadly how 2K18 comes across...

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