WWE 2K18: 7 New Features You Need To Know

Brace yourselves, because those graphics are getting a much-needed upgrade...

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Anyone who has played a WWE video game over the past 5 years has been there: just as you explode into a huge comeback with Seth Rollins, the announcers start spouting the same old tired lines in that same old uninspired fashion. It's like 2K doped these guys before getting them to record the lines, but that's about to change.

Oh yes, commentary is about to get an overhaul in WWE 2K18, and that's not the only new feature 2K Sports touted in a developer blog post lifting the lid on what they've been working on. 2K18 should be the freshest WWE game in years if these tweaks and additions are anything to go by.

Even though 2K are dipping back into the past with some things and claiming them as 'new', it's still exciting to see any progression from a series that has become stale over time. 2K18 may not be a complete overhaul, but at least it'll bring some changes badly needed since 2K17...

7. Create-A-Match Is Back

WWE 2K17 Ladder Aerial

It's a bit cheeky of 2K to herald Create-A-Match as totally new, but it is a change from 2K17's lack of real match customisation. Hopefully, this will extend to players being able to completely craft their own matches, rather than just deciding whether or not a Steel Cage match can be won by pinfall as well as escape. That won't be enough.

2K's hype here revolves around gamers being able to tweak the rules as they see fit without restriction; at least, that's what the developer blog hinted at. It remains to be seen precisely what level of freedom will be afforded come release. Still, this is a step in the right direction considering the limitations of before.

Being able to take these created match types and play them out in both and exhibition and WWE Universe gameplay sounds promising. Ever wanted to book a Hell In A Cell Match with ladders? Well, hopefully that's what this feature allows.

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