WWE 2K18: 9 Awesome New Things You Can Do

Kurt Angle isn't the only one who can pull down the straps...

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Being able to brawl backstage was one of WWE 2K17's best features. It was awesome to trigger those 'OMG' moments in Triple H/Stephanie McMahon's office and play around with all the environmental attacks. This year, WWE 2K18 doesn't have that one big gameplay carrot to dangle in front of players. But it does have a lot of little ones instead.

2K have stuffed their new game full of hidden gems and fun things you can try. Perhaps these don't excuse the developers for failing to provide that fresh overhaul gamers have been waiting on since the series jumped to the current generation of consoles, but they do take steps towards creating a customisable playground feel. That freedom and fun is what WWE games should be all about.

So, if you want to see what it's like for The Undertaker to wrestle in a high-school gym, fancy a stab at the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic or even just want to make your chosen superstar glow in the dark, then 2K18 is the game for you...

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