WWE 2K18: New Downloadable Superstars Revealed

The Hardy Boyz, Drew McIntyre, and more join 2K18's massive roster.

Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy WWE 2K18
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Matt and Jeff Hardy were two of the WWE 2K18 roster's most notable omissions when the base list of playable superstars was announced earlier this month, but the duo have now made their way into the game via DLC.

Publishers 2K Sports started rolling out downloadable characters on Twitter yesterday morning. The Hardy Boyz were the first (and most notable) additions to be unveiled, with eight more main roster stars, NXT hopefuls, and legends joining the talent pool.

Raw's Elias was confirmed later in the day, as were NXT Champion Drew McIntyre, Ruby Riot, Aleister Black, and newcomer Lars Sullivan. Three members of the WWE Hall of Fame's Class of 2017 have also been announced for the game, with Beth Phoenix and The Rock 'N' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) added to the playable roster.

Elias and the NXT wrestlers will feature as part of the 'NXT Generation' DLC pack, with the others included in the 'Enduring Icons' set. The game's Season Pass is priced at $29.99, and 2K have released full details on a number of other DLC packages (including MyPlayer Kick Start and the New Moves Pack) on their official website.

WWE 2K18 is set for release on 17 October.

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