WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Requires A 24GB Download

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Nintendo Switch

When WWE 2K18 eventually lands on Nintendo Switch, physical copies of the game will require a meaty 24GB download, according to My Nintendo News.

Neither 2K or Nintendo have revealed an actual release date for the game, although it will be a surprise if it doesn't land before the end of the year. Depending on connection speeds, it may take gamers until then to download the 2K18 patch.

A message on the game's cover warns that at least 24GB of free space is required on the Switch hard drive to even start up 2K18. Not only that, but a wireless internet connection is mandatory and users may also be asked to set up a Nintendo account before playing.

The size requirements are disappointing to say the least. Anyone downloading WWE 2K18 on PS4 or Xbox One digitally will find the file only clocks in at 32GB. That 24GB download for buying the physical release on Switch is therefore baffling.

In regards to delays holding back the release of the Switch version, it's likely 2K's developers need more time to get up to speed with Nintendo's new dev kit.

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