WWE 2K18: Predicting All 130 Superstars Who Will Be Included

Trying to fill a roster that keeps on growing is hard...

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136 unique playable characters on disc; 149 playable characters on disc including 13 alternative versions of Superstars; 156 unique playable characters including DLC; 177 playable characters including DLC and alternative versions of Superstars; 25 Playable Women including DLC.

All of the figures above are records for WWE games. Can you believe, in terms of sheer roster size, how far we've come in such a short space of time? And have you stepped back to think just how far we could potentially go in the coming years? It's a very exciting time to be a WWE gamer, and a retired WWE Superstar on the hunt of a royalty cheque or two I suppose...

Predicting the roster for a WWE game is hard, especially if the powers that be go back to the formula of having a featured game mode dictating a number of facets of the game. For this list, since WWE decided not to follow this method last year, we're going to go forth as if they haven't once again. This is just a roster of Superstars thrown together based on who is performing in the real life version of WWE's ring today and those legends who have appeared in recent WWE games. I haven't delved into the DLC packs that will be released although I do anticipate the Future Stars Pack will be the most mouth watering that we've seen to date.

The last couple of WWE/2K releases have had roughly 130 playable characters on the basic disk so there's no reason to speculate there being any more on 2K18's when it hits the shelves in the autumn (even if it wouldn't be a surprise if there was with the progression shown in each game year on year). So with that, here's 130 Superstars who will definitely make up the WWE 2K18 roster...

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