WWE 2K18: Stunning First Gameplay Trailer Says "Be Like No-One"

Those are some mighty pretty wrestlers.

John Cena WWE 2K18
2K Games

It's time to start getting very excited for WWE 2K18. With the game heading on to shelves in just a month, 2K Games have given fans a treat in the shape of a glossy first gameplay trailer that really looks the business.

The teaser was posted thanks to 2K's preferred media partner IGN:

The most obvious thing to note is the improvement in realism: some of those wrestler likenesses are massive improvements from last year, and 2K deserve a lot of credit for it.

Naturally, some of the superstars took the opportunity to hype the game...

This follows the tease by the game's official account showing off a new still of Shinsuke Nakamura...

It's been confirmed that the game will bring back the "Create-a-Match" feature that was popular from WWE 2K14, while the new "MyPLAYER" setting will also allow you to "choose from eight fighting styles" for your character in a "Road to Glory" mode.

The game - with new cover star Seth Rollins will hit stores on 17th October on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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