WWE 2K19: 10 Best Looking Characters

10. Alexa Bliss

2K Sports

After a truly atrocious character model in 2K17, Alexa Bliss has now enjoyed two strong designs in a row, and this year's ranks among the best in the game.

The hair isn't perfect, but the rest of Alexa's character is spot on. The attire is solid, the hair lifelike, and the textures on point. Where 2K Sports have really excelled, however, is in capturing the former Raw Women's Champion's trademark sneer. Personality is often hard to convey in a game engine this sterile, but they've made it work here. This is absolutely critical for a performer like the self-proclaimed 'Goddess Of WWE,' whose strengths largely lie in her character work, and whose digital version would've felt nothing like her real-life self had the developers dropped the ball.

It's about time 2K got Bliss right. She's one of WWE's most valued female wrestlers, and should be designed with the utmost care every single year.


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