WWE 2K19: 10 Most Overrated Wrestlers

Go home, 2K, you're drunk...

Kurt Angle Stephanie McMahon

A lot of people believe Stephanie McMahon's on screen character is too powerful or overbearing, and she's a hard-to-stomach, ball-cutting machine who delights in getting the last word over everybody else sharing her segments. Just wait until those same detractors clap eyes on her WWE 2K19 rating.

Oooooooh boy, are they ever in for a treat when they compare it to some of the other women in-game. Brace yourselves, world, because the pitchforks are about to come out like never before. Amidst a women's revolution, a certain McMahon has even trumped her father's rating this year.

It's fair to say 2K's rating system needed an editor before the company released everyone's score. Some wrestlers are woefully underpowered compared to those of lesser standing in WWE, and a fair few have seemingly been handed ratings intended for someone else. That's the only way to explain some of the subjects burning under the microscope of disbelief here.

On the plus side, picking some of these guys and gals will ensure you win most matches in-game. Wait a minute. Actually winning some matches. That's an alien concept to some...


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