WWE 2K19: 10 New Superstars Who Must Be Included

It's time to introduce the next generation of WWE video game superstars...

WWE/2K Games

If everything sticks to the usual timeframe, there should just a few months to go before WWE 2K19 releases to the public. A new addition to WWE's long-running video game franchise is always exciting for wrestling and gaming fans alike.

2K pride themselves on each year having the "biggest roster ever". Since WWE 2K15, NXT stars have also been part of the package, which has allowed fans to create some dream matches between up and coming talent of today, and the legends of years past.

The NXT portion of the roster may seem overlooked when it comes to other sections of the game, with a handful of stars always finding themselves being left out. That said, WWE 2K17 featured the most NXT wrestlers to date, with even the most boring of characters being added. I'm looking at you Sawyer Fulton.

Between the time last year's game came out and today, NXT's roster has become a landfill for phenomenal independent talents. WWE have gone a little overboard in their signings this past year, snapping up everything in sight.

2K will have a job fitting them all in to their new release. These are the ones we're absolutely hoping they find room for.


While off school sick one day in November 2008, Adam sat down with Survivor Series on in the background. He was hooked ever since. With access to channels showing WWE and Impact Wrestling programming, he also keeps on top of ROH, PWG, NJPW, ICW, Defiant Wrestling, and PROGRESS Wrestling.