WWE 2K19: 10 Ways To Save Universe Mode

Longtime series fans shouldn't feel bad for demanding more from 2K...

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Anyone who has trudged through WWE 2K18's Universe Mode for longer than a few in-game months deserves a medal. The mode isn't horrible, but it does need significant improvements before 2K19 hits the shelves later this year.

There's something terribly generic about it all. That genericism extends to those heavily-hyped promo cut scenes and the feud mechanic; everything just feels so lifeless, and that's odd when the feature is supposed to mimic the most exciting parts of WWE programming.

More player freedom is needed, and 2K have to start paying attention to the mode's clear potential. Developers hid behind bold talk of "enhancements" like feud intensity, a remodelled event calendar and superstar goals in 2K18. At no point did they try to make the mode easier to customise or focus on making it more fun to play.

If Universe is going to continue being part of your series, 2K, we'd like some changes...

10. Make Superstar Shakeups Easier

raw smackdown live

It's an total pain to decide which superstars work on which brands in 2K18's Universe Mode.

Players have two options available to them here. The first involves heading to the superstar's own menu and individually tweaking every wrestler's core brand to suit. The second is a bit more inviting, although it's still a slow, boring process to customise the show itself and move stars around without knowing what show they're already on.

The main problem here is that 2K chose not to display when wrestlers belong to another show. So, for example, if you're looking to add to the Raw roster, there's no telling who's on SmackDown without memorising that roster screen first.

Things don't need to be so damn hard. Being able to see who's on what brand and make switches as appropriate should be simple. This must be one of the first things 2K focus on fixing in 2K19.

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