WWE 2K19: 10 Worst Looking Characters

Some parts of WWE 2K19 look absolutely gorgeous, but not this lot...

2K Games

With WWE 2K19 set to hit shelves worldwide next Tuesday (9 October), anticipation is fast heating up for what looks like the long-running series' most entertaining entry in years, with the developers pushing a wide array of weird and wonderful new features to the forefront.

Though nobody should expect a major overhaul from a series that deals primarily in incremental annual updates, 2K19 looks promising. If you're a fan of the franchise, you'll almost certainly have your itch scratched when the time comes, even if you don't fancy battling blown-up Minecraft men in 'Big Head Mode.'

Surprisingly, what we've seen so far suggests a visually inconsistent game. Some of the trailer footage is absolutely gorgeous, with the developers nailing 2K19's in-arena presentation in particular. The same can't be said of the game's most esoteric locations, though, with subpar textures leaving the MyCAREER trailer's parking lot, House of Horrors, and others looking like locales from a PS2 game.

It's WWE 2K19's character models that best represent the game's visual discrepancies. AJ Styles, Triple H, Shinsuke Nakamura, and countless others look great, but this lot? You could probably do better in the Creation Suite, and that's being kind...


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