WWE 2K19 Daniel Bryan Showcase Announced


WWE 2K19
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2K Games have announced on Twitter that the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game will feature a return for the popular Showcase Mode. Better yet, it'll be centred around none other than Daniel Bryan.

The developers promise that Bryan's entire WWE career, "including his retirement and recent big return" will be playable. This is huge news for his fans, and massive for those who have missed Showcase since 2K nonsensically removed the mode following 2K16's Steve Austin retrospective.

They're forgiven, because it's back. This is the one pretty much everyone wanted to play through this year, and it makes sense due to Bryan's unlikely comeback earlier this year.

The Showcase trailer has already teased some footage from the single-player mode, but there's also around five-six minutes of gameplay leaking online that shows Bryan wrestling the likes of Randy Orton in 2013, teaming with Kane in 2012 to take on Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, and even a 2003 match on Velocity against a young John Cena.

Those who want to see that gameplay can do so here. Be warned though, because it obviously ruins the surprise of what the game's cut scenes look like in action.

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