WWE 2K19: New Tower Mode Announced!

And one of them has a cool million bucks on offer...

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2K Games have today revealed a brand-new mode for the latest version of their long running WWE series. Set to debut in WWE 2K19, 'Towers' will allow players to choose either WWE Superstars of their MyPLAYER characters to pit against a series of competitors, including both current superstars and legends. Each Tower will come with its own theme, stipulations, and win conditions.

The developers noted that two types of 'Tower' will be available in the game: gauntlet, in which players need to beat the entire string of opponents in one session, and steps, which allow match-by-match progression. Stipulations are applied in the form of Player and Opponent buffs - for example, the CPU may begin the contest with a finisher to hand - whilst wrestling stipulations appear courtesy of a range of match types, including Iron Man, Steel Cage, and Table.

Specific to 2K Towers is also a mode called 'Legends Lore', which traces the career history of accomplished WWE Legends featured in the game.

The new Towers mode is also crucial to the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge, which offers players a chance to win a cool million dollars - for real. Beating the super-tough AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower - comprising the toughest opposition with no opportunity to replenish health - is a prerequisite to enter the competition, as explained by a three-step process:

    - Step One: Beat the AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower in WWE 2K19 while playing the game on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
    - Step Two: Record yourself cutting a promo video on why you have what it takes to beat AJ Styles in WWE 2K19. The video must include visual proof of the completed AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower screen to confirm you earned the in-game achievement

Four finalists will be flown to WrestleMania 35 to determine who will face off against Styles for that enormous cash prize. Given the huge sum on offer, it's a wonder 2K Games didn't pick Xavier Woods as their cover star!

WWE 2K19 is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows worldwide on 5 October this year.

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