WWE 2K19 Ratings: 10 Superstar Ratings That Make No Sense

Don’t worry full-timers, you’ll get revenge some day…

2K Games

It must be a tough job working at 2K. You spend your whole year crafting and meticulously preparing a game for the whole world to view…. And then everybody sh*ts on something as petty as ratings.

Sure, you can change them using the accelerator, but that doesn’t explain some of the absolutely baffling numbers that 2K have given. Mr Perfect, one of the most brilliant technicians of all time has been given a rating of 83. Another superstar that has been given a rating of 83 is Jinder Mahal, who is, well….. Jinder Mahal.

2K fans should hope that these ratings don’t reflect how Vince feels about these superstars because if they did, we’d be seeing a lot of our favourite stars go to waste, and some of the most insipid ones skyrocket.

It’s time to put on your NJPW shirts and get ready criticise some of the most ridiculous superstar ratings of WWE 2K19…

10. Adam Cole


Rating: 81

Why It Makes No Sense: When Adam Cole debuted leading The Undisputed Era in August 2017, WWE 2K18 was immediately flooded with CAWs that allowed the user to take on the role of the former Bullet Club member, and the prospect of his 2K19 video game debut left fans frothing at the mouth with anticipation. Then… he was rated 81.

Since his first appearance at TakeOver: Brooklyn 3, Cole has done more in his debut year than most NXT superstars have completed in their whole career. Winning the first War Games match in nearly two decades with the Undisputed Era, he then exhibited a strong showing in the 2018 Royal Rumble (a rare occurrence for an NXT superstar) as well as winning the 2018 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He capped off his list of NXT accomplishments by winning a 6-man ladder match to become the inaugural NXT North American Champion as well as winning the NXT Tag Titles with Kyle O’Reilly.

Sure, it could be argued that he’s been made to look arrogant and cowardly due to his heel booking, or that NXT superstars should generally be rated lower than their main roster counterparts, but to reduce a debut year as explosive as Cole’s to a mere 81 is an injustice.

To rate him amongst his equally successful NXT comrades such as Aleister Black (84) would undisputedly (get it?) be a better choice.


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