In another “where there is smoke there is fire’ moment for Microsoft’s upcoming unannounced console, a glimpse of the Xbox 720 logo has been spotted in the Real Steel trailer. Now I know this movie is set in the future, however if you look at all the logos next to it they are not futuristic but just brand names like we see now. It just seems too coincidental all the logos next to it are current day logos and Microsoft is the only one set in the future?

It was just yesterday that we were hearing more rumblings about developers working on games for the next Xbox, and now we have an Xbox 720 logo in a soon to be released movie. I think there is too much evidence mounting to not assume that the next Xbox will be announced relatively soon, most likely at next years E3. Although, I wonder if these means by the time we get the Xbox 720, we will already have giant robots to fight each other? What do you think, does the Xbox 720 logo in the Real Steel trailer mean anything or is this just a clever marketing ploy?

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This article was first posted on October 5, 2011