158 Days And It’s On…

In just over 158 days, the world might get a glimpse of the new XBox, whatever it’s going to be called. That’s when the doors will open to this year’s E3 conference, and the reason it’s hit the news is that Microsoft are all of a sudden making a big deal out of the countdown.

XBox’s Major Nelson has posted the clock on his blog, and it really doesn’t take too much imagination to see that Microsoft are hinting at some big company event at the show, and that the biggest possibility is of a grand reveal for the next generation console.

Right now the name of the console is unclear, though sites have taken to calling it the 720 in honour of its relationship with the current 360. But we could see a curve-ball thrown in terms of the name, as with Apple’s “New iPad,” with XBox Infinity and the Next XBox already suggested.

We know very little else in terms of the console’s included tech – we can wager that there’ll be Kinect control built in, in some way, as well as an improvement in graphics and a blu-ray disc drive and very possibly more focus on cloud gaming. But this is all mere speculation at this point – as we explored in our 10 XBox 720 Rumours We Hope Are True.

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This article was first posted on January 3, 2013