Xbox One X: 9 Enhanced Games That Make It Worth Buying

Overwhelming power.

Xbox One X

Sony has the exclusives; Microsoft the hardware. That's the current state of affairs that has two of the big three - Nintendo's on cloud nine, too busy enjoying the euphoric success of the Switch to give a damn - in a near-total deadlock, but which platform holder has the edge?

Until recently, the only correct answer was Sony. Last year's PS4 Pro, combined with a first-party packed first six months of 2017, left Microsoft in the precarious position of being sidelined. Fast-forward to E3, where the Xbox One X finally got its time to shine, and Sony's lead has quickly begun to unravel.

Without question, the heavyweight releases of this year and last - Final Fantasy XV, Call of Duty: WWII and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, to name drop just a few, shine brighter on Microsoft's mid-generation upgrade than its direct competitor, and some - particularly those aging exclusives that have been given tender love (spruced up versions of Halo 5 and Gears 4 have really saved your bacon on that front, Microsoft) and attention - are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with top-end PC rigs.

Yes, Microsoft still has a lot of catching up to do on the first-party front, but with the world's most powerful console now under its belt, it's the so-called green team we'll be flocking to for all our multi-platform needs.

Let's just hope that 2018 brings a renewed focus on exclusives, or else this will all have been for nought.

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