Xcom Jetpack

“A strange title for an article”, you may be thinking. However for any of the uninitiated Enemy Within is the expansion pack to 2012’s phenomenal XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a game that itself was a remake of 1994’s original 2D troop-manager. The beauty of Enemy Within’s mishmash of isometric class-based squad management and puzzle elements becomes ever more complex as the game goes on, forever pulling you further and further into its pendulum-swing of alien invasion and human resistance.

Enemy Unknown reminded all of us what we loved so much about turn-based strategy games, and whilst that genre in itself is not the most easily-recommendable, XCOM provides a fun sci-fi backdrop of countries uniting to provide incredible technology with which to repel the advancing hordes, grounded in a realistic ‘a-few-bullets-and-you’re-dead-forever’ gameplay system that if you give it a chance, will suck away entire days of your life.

Although the game might not get the big-budget, celebrity-starred promotional campaigns of the likes of Call of Duty, nor is it thrust down your throats in an annual manner like Assassin’s Creed. What’s on offer in this years’ XCOM, albeit an ‘expansion pack’ of last year’s instalment, are additions that completely refine the entire game (for half the price of the big budget titles I just mentioned), and will separate the gamers from the boys.

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This article was first posted on November 18, 2013