Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Prince Sidon, better than all?

zelda prince Sidon

For all the praise surrounding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild centring on its immaculate reinvention of how we approach an open-world, there's a pretty neat story tucked away inside this incarnation of Hyrule, too.

Of course, recommending Breath of the Wild off the back of its 'twists and turns' wouldn't hold up, but in writing such a hands-off story; one where Link awakes and slowly learns of the in-world 'Legend of Zelda', alongside how Zelda herself is portrayed, it's resulted in a tale filled with characters that fans already love to discuss at length.

Not all are as memorable as the last, but you can tell Nintendo really made a point of revisiting the original Zelda's blueprint in every respect, scattering main characters and Link's own recallable memories across all of Hyrule.

Indeed, gone are checkbox lists of collectibles or itemised breakdowns of exactly where you need to go to see 'the best stuff'. Breath of the Wild's revolution of the Zelda formula is awash with personality and charm, giving way to loveable heroes that bare the fruit of ideals and purposes larger than themselves.


Honourable Mention - King Rhoam

zelda king rhoam

Whilst King Rhoam features more frequently in Zelda's flashback sequences, Link's only interactions make him almost entirely into an exposition machine.

He's a very effective one, telling you the fate of the land and setting up what you - as Link - mean to the realm and its people, but outside of hammering home the stakes of what you're about to face off against, Ol' Rhoamy is never seen again, save for brief acknowledgement that his spirit made it back to Hyrule Castle once you've removed Ganon's influence.

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