10 Forgotten Historical Figures You Didn't Know Changed Your Life

Without these people you wouldn't be reading this on a phone, and you'd have polio.


We've all heard of Alexander Bell, Alexander Fleming, and Alexander the Great (this isn't just going to be about people named Alexander). These are people who in one way or another changed history. We celebrate them, build statues to them, we may not be able to recite the dates or the specifics but we can generally attribute some great feat to the name.

Conversely, there are a number of people whose contribution to the world has been left ignored, whether because they were a stepping stone to a greater innovation, or time has just chosen to remember others. And this is pretty sad.

If we are going to subscribe to a form of 'great man history' and look at specific people's impact we should do more than remember a few key facts, we should go deeper. And beyond that we should at least attempt to widen our pool of figures to learn about.

There may be more important people to the development of your life that are not on this list (there's a very small chance your mum appears on the list - it's doubtful though) but the following people have impacted so many of our day to day lives, it seems somehow unfair they're not more widely known, or even appreciated.

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