10 Lost Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found

1. The Treasure Of Lima

pirate treasure
© Richard T. Nowitz/CORBIS

The treasure of Lima is estimated to be worth around £160 million and has been lost since it was stolen and buried in 1820. The treasure was amassed by the Catholic Church during the Spanish occupation of the city of Lima in Peru. It consisted of many valuables including golden candle sticks, precious jewels and two solid gold statues of the Virgin Mary.

On the dawn of the Peruvian War of Independence, it was decided that the treasure should be moved to Mexico for protection. A sea captain named William Thompson was entrusted with delivering the treasure but he and his crew made the decision to turn pirate on the voyage and take the valuable hoard for themselves. They murdered the guards and buried the riches on Cocos Island, located not far from the coast of Costa Rica. Thompson and his crew were captured not long after the theft and put on trial as Pirates.

His entire crew were found guilty and hanged but Captain Thompson and his first mate were spared in order to lead the authorities to the buried treasure. However, before they could reveal the treasures location, Thompson and his first mate managed to escape and were never seen again. In the centuries that have followed, hundreds of people have journeyed to Cocos Island in hopes of locating the treasure but all attempts, so far, have been unsuccessful.

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