10 More Real-Life Horror Stories That Will Ruin Your Day

1. Possessed Doll

cult of chucky

Dolls are just sinister. We're not talking Chucky here (although the movie star does have his moments), because Debbie Merrick from the UK has a much more chilling tale. She bought an ornate doll for around £8 from a second-hand shop, then immediately regretted it. Suddenly, strange occurrences started happening around her home.

In an interview with The Sun, Merrick claimed smoke alarms repeatedly went off, she heard floorboards creaking upstairs and her husband even woke up to find tiny scratches all over his legs. That's right, almost like a doll had climbed up onto their bed and attacked him as he slept. That's the stuff of nightmares.

Weirdly, Debbie advertised the doll for sale on eBay instead of setting fire to it in the woods. She also bizarrely noted that there was something "very creepy" about it, like that's going to have potential buyers hooked. When Merrick put the doll in a box in her garage, she was aghast to find the thing sitting in different positions whenever she went in there.

Forget the doll, she'd have been forgiven for selling the house.

What other real-life horror stories have scared the crap out of you? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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