10 More Real-Life Horror Stories That Will Ruin Your Day

8. The Watcher

Nightmare On Elm Street phone
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If you've ever had that weird feeling that somebody is watching you, then this story is likely to cause an unscheduled stop at the nearest bathroom. Spare a thought for the Broaddus family then, and not only because they have a strange name. They were the victims of the 'Westfield Watcher', and all they had to do was pay $1.3 million for the privilege.

That's how much the clan's beautiful new home cost in Westfield, New Jersey. After the big move in June, 2014, the Broaddus family started receiving passive-aggressive letters from someone calling themselves 'The Watcher', claiming they owned the house and didn't take kindly to their presence. One letter even said, "let the young blood play like it once did".

Ok, that'd be enough for a phone call to the police for us. Worse, the prior owners actually withheld information on these letters from the family in case they decided not to buy the property. If you're wondering, the house is still on the market and can be yours for just $1.1 million. What a bargain, that's 200k off what the Broaddus family paid.

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