10 Bands From The 2000s You've Definitely Forgotten

Everything fades.


In the mid-90s, Nirvana and the grunge movement powered out of the Pacific North West, became the new mainstream and gave the majority of bands around the mercy killing they deserved. It was a swift and merciful execution that was long overdue, they were the George to the music world’s Lennie.

Essentially, this movement killed any semblance of the classic band structure until the end of the decade, the lead guitar, bass guitar and drums staple set up was replaced by all manner of weirdness, stupidity and mimed solo artists one hit wonders right up until the Y2K bug made everyone build a bomb shelter.

It was at the beginning of the new millennia however when The Strokes burst out of the Lower East Side of New York looking like the most beautiful people you’d ever seen wearing leather jackets and skinny jeans, up to their eyeballs on coke playing with a reckless aloofness that was endearing and addictive.

They made being in a band cool again. And alongside the dot.com and housing bubbles of the time, The Strokes lit the fuse on the band bubble of the 2000s where everyone you knew was in one.

With that surge in numbers however, there will always be those who rise and fade and then for whatever reason slip through cracks in the music industry floor, no matter how good they are...

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